The Gurudev Tagore Indian Cultural Centre is organizing a talk by Dr. Harbans Singh, a Naturopathist from 6.00 P.M to 7.30 P.M., on Friday, February 22, 2013, in the auditorium of the Embassy of India at Musset 325, Polanco. Dr. Harbans Singh, who has headed the Naturopathy Centre GAD in New Delhi and spoken at a number of for a in India and abroad, and had last spoken to an enthusiastic audience at the same venue on September 28, 2012, will be speaking on the following topics:


Ø Yoga – a brief introduction

Ø Yogic postures relevant to modern sedentary life, which entail avoidable risks, like common siting posture while working on a laptop or  desktop computer, talking on cellphone and watching  a television programme etc. and their side effects.

Ø Five basic elements of nature, their relation to human body and how the adoption of the essential characteristics of the five basic  elements in our daily life can help reduce tension, sleeplessness, blood pressure and how one can relax through meditation and recoup through yogic postures.

Ø Anti-ageing and rejuvenation

Ø Display of charts – ‘health in your hands’

Ø Mudras and Kriyas

3.       Though Dr. Harbans Singh will be speaking in English, arrangements will be made for interpretation services, for the easy comprehension by the many Mexicans in attendance, who may find themselves more comfortable with Spanish.


4.       The talk will be followed by a question answer session. You are welcome to attend the talk with your family and friends. We will appreciate receiving confirmation of your attendance latest by Friday, February 15.



Indian Cultural Centre México

Anatole France 319, Polanco, México D.F. C.P. 11550

Tels. 52 03 06 19

         52 03 11 17

         55 31 71 02               Ext. 107




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