The initiative of exchange between the Nordic countries and Mexico has the following values:

  1. Education
  2. Energy
  3. Fair Trade
  4. Fashion

The initiative has as

  • Educational liaison for a playful learning and intelligent through design, e-learning and fine arts.
  • Liaison with specialized consultants in sustainability and fair trade for the fashion sector in Mexico and the northern European countries.
  • Promote the installation of sustainable technology in the fashion industry in Mexico.
  • Affirm and update the image of national identity in Mexico& Latinamerica, in the Nordic countries.

Education Activities

+Identifying weaknesses in the learning in Latinamerica.

+Approach solutions analogue, digital, and artistic for an intelligent learning.

+Link with the Museums and educational organizations in the Nordic countries.

+Digital Exchange

+Exchange classroom during the visit to the Nordic countries (2015) . (Readings).

+Application of analogue, digital, and artistic for an intelligent learning.

Energy activities:

+Identifying weaknesses in the manufacture of clothing, footwear and jewellery.

+Approaches to solutions for energy saving, re-use of dyes and raw materials; as well as the purification of the water for its next use and natural cycle.

+Adaptation of the technology, by adapting it to the size of the industry that will make your installation.

+Monitoring in the savings and reuse of natural resources, with citizen comment.

Fair Trade activities:

+Channel Identification and business practices in imbalance.

+Approach of social integration solutions, development of skills in arts and crafts.

+Extension of the spectrum of commercial channels and trade instruments.

+Presentation in the sectoral fair CIFF

rios limpios

Fashion Activities

+Briefing for the participating designers for the photo session in Finland

+Delivery of parts and clothing for the photo session to be held in Helsinki.

+Photo Session of Alberto Guzmán Abundes, for the team of independent Finland bloggeros (November 1 2014).

+Link between the educational Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Museum of Design, Ethical Trade Initiave  Norway

+Second selection of parts and clothing to its installation in the National Flag, in the Sectoral Fair CIFF in Copenhagen, Denmark.

+ Preparation of the joint catalog for presentation at the sectoral fair CIFF in February 2015 and the Design Museum in Helsinki.

+Packing of the garments for your shipment and presentation in the fair CIFF.

+Trip logistics for the team for the first phase of the exchange.

+ In the Exchange of experience in tailoring and finished style, in the photo session, editorial content and presentation.

Each semester, for 36 months, we will verify the evolution in the education, energy efficiency, fair trade and fashion between the parties.

January 2015: Foreword

September 2016: separation

June 2017: Initiation – transformation

March 2017: Return

Mexico shines@ .Scandinavia

  • Presentation of fine accessories made in Mexico, with the goal of updating the image content and fashion in the Nordic area.
  • The role of the accessories will complement the Mexican clothing nordic, minimalist, elegant, sober and simple.
  • The presentation will take place during the fair CIFF, in Copenhagen, Denmark; in its edition of June-July 2015.
  • There will be alliances with: bloggers Elle Norway, blog of the 20 young fashion and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.
  • The cycle is yearly, with continuity with those participants that will maintain the quality, sufficient inventory and attractive design.
  • We will consolidate the process of foreign trade, through 1 single company  for anchoring  through Promexico, Sedesol, Bancomext and/ Fonart.


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