SOBRE EL  LOMO DE LA  TORTUGA (On the tortoise shell)

Outdoor performance

“The performance is based on a symmetrical exploration of Eastern and Western theatrical traditions: different ways, sometimes complementary, sometimes quite opposite, of envisaging theatre, make theatre, dream theatre. “Sobre el lomo de la Tortuga” is a show whose title recalls the Hindu myth of churning of the universeapparitions, sounds, drama are recalling a sort of chronicle of a journey which starts from the marvels (East is exotic to the West and West to the East).

But if this journey is imagined towards the Orient, at the end it’ll return to Europe again, through circuiting and winding routes – the old way of the actors always around, always on tour. And it’s during this comeback home that one meets our Harlequin, which turns out to be a really close relative of a Bharata Natyam dancer.”

We’d like to inform you that we’ll be invited to perform at the XV Edition of FITB-Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotà with our special project “On the tortoise shell” that will be presented at Parque Simón Bolívar from 23th to 27th March 2016 at 7.00 p.m. In addition, for this occasion, the performance will be enriched by the prestigious presence of Maestro P.Praveen Kumar (Bangalore-India), one of the emerging young dancers in the panorama of Indian dance-theater style Bharata Natyam.


The TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo is one of the most experienced Group in Europe. TTB has been working professionally for more than 40 years, showing its theatre performances all over the world  (South America, China, North Africa, East and West Europe): more than 3.000 performances for 1.000.000 spectators presented in the frame of the most important international festivals in 39 countries of 4 continents. You could find more information on our web-site:



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