The Socially Dynamic Organisation: Nodes and Amplifiers

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Just a #WorkingOutLoud post today, exploring some aspects of the Socially Dynamic Organisation. It’s an organisation that understands how stories spread, how they are distributed, told and retold around the network. How amplification is a function of magnetism, not volume, and works both as a first order effect, through the nodes in the network, and as a second order effect, through amplifiers.

The Socially Dynamic Organisation - nodes and amplifiers

Strong Social Leaders realise that they can develop a number of key connections (nodes) who have high Social Capital and are well connected themselves. If they share (or co-create) compelling stories with these people, they may be amplified through and into the wider network: amplification effects.

The Socially Dynamic Organisation

We can only be directly, meaningfully, connected to so many people, because meaningful relationships require investment of energy and generosity: it’s through nodes and amplification effects that we can generate true reach.

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