Once more Custo Barcelona dazzled the runways and the celebrities who attended his show with exclusive fabrics and metallic finishes.


Miami, Florida | June 5, 2017 | Zamora Group PR/Agency – The famous European designer Custo Barcelona revolutionized the runways at Miami Fashion Week for the second year in a row, with his fall 2017/Winter 2018 collection; “Light Years Cruise”.
Light Years Cruise is created using fabrics like translucent lamé, metallic finishes, laminated fabrics, goffer texture with metallic lining, Lurex nets, and the bright colors of precious stones that were all combined to create modern and feminine silhouettes.

Custo Barcelona’s experience in the combination of fabrics and in the creation of new patterns resulted in a vast collection of women’s apparel, such as: minis (mini skirts), with strategic slits to show off skin, asymmetric cuts and silhouettes, ruffles and patchwork details that are all combined elegantly and subtly.

Without leaving the men’s collection aside, which mixed shine and metallics effortlessly. This could be seen in oversized coats, trench coats, blazers and sporty skinny pants, all made with shiny fabrics, jacquards, velvet, twill and ottoman combined with Lurex.

The night was not only filled with great design and shine, but also with actual stars; the most important celebrities of the entertainment business, who were blown away by this new fashion proposal charged with creativity and individuality. For example, world-renowned actor and fellow Spaniard, Antonio Banderas who assisted with his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel, enjoyed the show very much, applauding the different looks and admiring the enormous success of his good friend Custo Dalmau’s collection.

Custo Barcelona has definitely proven, once again with this collection why he has become a true icon in the fashion industry among the big designers, always experimenting with the mixture of fabrics and textures and creating a unique and never before seen fashion concept, that teaches us that to stand out in fashion, it isn’t necessary to play by the classic rulebook, but to carry each piece with personality and originality.




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